Sourdough Bread

No loafing here! It’s sourdough bread time!


Like most of us, I found myself with a little bit of extra time at home last spring. Of course, being me, I couldn’t sit still. When a good friend of mine showed up at my door steps with a starter and a sourdough bread, I was hooked and started the research. I discovered that it’s fun to make and, even more importantly, absolutely delicious! After posting some of the loaves on Facebook and giving others as gifts, I’ve had family and friends ask me to show them how to make it.

So, yes, let’s do this! Do you want to learn how to make delicious sourdough bread? Do you have a little bit more free time these days? Then join me for a series of live interactive classes online where I take you step by step through the whole process so that you too can enjoy making this wonderful bread for your family, friends and, of course, yourself!

The nature of sourdough bread makes it necessary to set up this series of workshops not when it might be most convenient for you or me, but on “dough time.” That’s why I’m planning the dates now while more of us have a bit more flexible time perhaps working from home. Here’s how this live series on Zoom has to roll out with all the indicated times approximate:

Wednesday February 24th  –  (19h00) Lesson 1: I share the ingredients and equipment you’ll need and show you how to get your starter started and fed! (1 hour)

Saturday March 6th – (09h30)  –  Lesson 2: At 9:30 am EST exactly 10 days after the first lesson, we’ll prepare the leaven for its first rise. (1 hour)

Saturday March 6th  (17h00)  –  Lesson 3: On the same day as Lesson 2, we’ll gather again at 5pm EST so I can show you how to properly mix all the ingredients. (45 minutes)

Saturday March 6th (19h00)  –  Lesson 4: We meet at 7pm EST the same day as Lessons 2 & 3 to learn how to stretch and fold the dough. (30 minutes) 

Saturday March 6th (21h00)  –  Lesson 5: At 9pm EST the same day we gather again to divide and set the dough to rest for the night. (40 minutes)

Sunday March 7th (09h00)  –  Lesson 6: At 9am EST the next day, I will show you how to score the dough and bake it! (30 minutes)

During these six sessions I will explain and demonstrate every important step, along with some key tips, so that none of this is intimidating. With the live interactive classes, you’ll also be able to ask questions, follow along, and show your own progress.

Once you register, you will be invited to join a private FB group where all of us can touch base between Zoom lessons. It’s a safe space to ask questions, raise concerns and/or share pictures of our creations. I might also have a few other tips for you here, too!

The class dates and registration will be posted at very soon, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by Messenger or email at

How about it? Let’s add sourdough bread to your kitchen skills!