Spending a few days in paradise with Zeina as your host and chef promises to offer a unique and memorable experience.



An all inclusive & intimate retreat with 8 to 10 participants.

A couple of days of self care, connections and delicious food.

Wellness Workshops and activities offered during your stay.

New friendships, quiet time, yoga/meditation and so much more!

All your meals included and freshly prepared by Zeina.

Zeina, your host and Chef will prepare all of your meals, will make sure your experience exceeds your expectations and will share some of her fun cooking tips too.

Fun Times

Play, relax and connect! You decide what you need. We give you the space.

These few days are for you, they are designed to help you Replenish Rejuvenate and Rise!


Fresh healthy and all prepared by Zeina. Keeping your restrictions in mind, Zeina will create delicious dishes for every meal. You will be pampered and spoiled during your entire stay. 


A variety of playshops and mindful activities will be carefully crafted to nourish your mind, body and soul. 

Co-Hosts 2022

Celine Menassa

Celine is a mindfulness, embodiment, and movement mentor. Always curious and a little bit of a rebel, struggling between what she “has” to do, as per family, culture and environment and what her heart desired. This constant encounter between good and evil, shadow and light, sweet and angry… kept her on a path of continuous search for truth. Through many trainings from mindfulness to yoga all the way to conscious parenting and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), she has experienced deep awakenings and transformations. The deep shifts gave her access to a deeper understanding of life, purpose and truth. Having a consistent practice, she gives her mind, body and soul daily love and, it overflows into service for others. She helps you tap into calm, trust, confidence, courage, faith, desire, joy, pleasure, inside yourself. All the parts of herself she dis-covered as she developed from within. Her mission is to live wakefully and wholeheartedly in hopes to inspire others to reconnect with themselves and with others, to co-create a better today.

Soften –

Taste your feminine essence, discover the wonder of your body & the path to self-love. 

Join us on a 3-day journey of self care, self discovery, and reconnection. You will be invited to take part in body exploration, intimacy practices, and voice activations. Through grounding exercises, connection to your senses and delicious food, we will encourage you to embody new ways of being, feeling, thinking, and expressing yourself.

Our journey will take place on June 27, 28 and 29 at the beautiful Chaumiere Fleur Soleil in Val-David. The center is on 4 acres of nature that are yours to discover, and offers a natural swimming pond, a high vibrational meditation room, a sun filled dining room and cozy shared bedrooms. We are excited to invite you to this nourishing and grounding retreat for the cost of $800 which includes your 2-night stay, 3 full days of guided playshops, 3 transformational mentors and an amazing personal chef!

We look forward to supporting and guiding you through this profound journey of love.

Celine, Léa and Joannie Accommodation Booking
Accommodation Booking

Retreat booked by transfer to Softenretreat@gmail.com (question: retreat; answer: soften) or through this link: Retreat Booking

Joanna McDonald

Gifted with “the sight” from an early age, Joanna has a keen eye on the invisible world and an amazing sense of intuition; she specializes in Chakra system imbalances and emotional intuition.

Joanna has studied numerous modalities and completed many courses to further expand her business.  Joanna is a talented Reiki Master/teacher, medical intuitive, spiritual mentor and natural health specialist. She is currently a student of the University of Metaphysical Sciences completing her Masters degree.

Joanna actively lectures, speaks and advocates for social change in a wide variety of health forums and conferences.  Find More info at www.joannamcdonald.ca

Spa Goddess Retreat

August 28/29/30 2022 8 guests. All inclusive 2 nights. Shared accommodations $735. Private $815.

Join us at this beautiful women’s retreat as we explore ways to treat ourselves to daily relaxation & rejuvenation. Develop your creativity & spiritual awakening as you create your very own spa products, indulge in DIY spa treatments, create Mandala artwork and discover the art of meditation and movement yoga.

We all need a little TLC from time to time… now’s your chance to learn how to make your very own spa products at home, discover essential oils and their healing benefits and give your body, mind & spirit a well-deserved break. Also included is a sacred crown creation ceremony to honor your inner Goddess, isn’t about time? We are all special and unique and this weekend is a celebration of that. See you there!

Joanna and  Celine Private Room Booking
Private Room Booking

Joanna and Celine Shared Room Booking
Shared Room Booking

Mystic & Meditation Retreat

Oct. 16/17/18, 2022 8 guests. All inclusive 2 nights. Shared accommodations $735. Private $815.

Join us at this beautiful retreat as we journey through the chakras, sharpen our intuition with card reading & aura analysis, develop creativity & spiritual awakening through Mandala artwork and discover the art of meditation and Feng Shui.  Now is the time to explore your beautiful spirit!

The retreat is guided towards those who wish to deepen their connection to their Angels, understand their body’s messages and develop their intuition.  The Universe is vast and is always offering us messages & help to go forward with our experiences here on Earth, so let’s discover how to do that, the easy way!  

Life is supposed to be fun and full of surprises, let’s get started honing our intuition and activating the law of attraction.

Joanna and  Celine Private Room Booking
Private Room Booking

Joanna and Celine Shared Room Booking
Shared Room Booking

Jasmine Ellemo 

Jasmine’s motto is ‘fit and well for a lifetime’, encouraging and inspiring everyone to adopt a healthy, fit and vibrant lifestyle. She is a well-known, successful, versatile personal trainer and body movement leader with decades of experience. Her early studies included dance at Université de Montreal and she holds numerous fitness certifications. She has completed Naada Yoga’s 500 hr Yoga teacher training, is a licensed Yoga Tune Up® instructor, Roll Model ® practitioner and SUP Yoga teacher. Founder of Jasmine Rose Yoga in 2015, Jasmine ‘s weekly teaching schedule includes a class at the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre. Jasmine continues to pursue her studies as a student of the body. Her passions include wellness, tennis, windsurfing, cross-country skiing, gardening, music, cooking, time with family and friends and walking.

Mountainside Serenity 

July 24/25/26 2022, 8 guests. All inclusive 2 nights. Shared accommodations $755. Private $835.

Indulge in two days of Yoga, bliss and sound relaxation in the natural wooded beauty of Mont Tremblant, Quebec. 

 This unforgettable experience will help you to induce a serene, calm sense of blissful relaxation for your mind, body and spirit. 

Well known Yoga leader Jasmine Ellemo will offer Inspiring Forest walks and meditation, gentle Yoga. Also invigorating breath work and Self-care through effective Yoga Tune Up® techniques.

Special guest Heather Pengelley, SHA sound practitioner, will add her unique and special touch to a relaxing Restorative Yoga practice, enhanced by the soothing tones of a sound bath and meditation. 

Throughout the retreat, you will have time and space to recharge your energy and feed your soul. Delicious healthy food, freshly prepared by Zeina’s Kitchen – well, that in itself is a wonderful reason to come! 

Join us!

Jasmine and  Heather Private Room Booking
Private Room Booking

Jasmine and  Heather Shared Room Booking
Shared Room Booking

Debora Must

Debora Must is a Metaphysical Minister and Shamanic practitioner honouring ancient animist beliefs and traditions. 

Having worked in healthcare for over 30 years she discovered that soul and spirit care is the missing link in conventional western medicine. Following years of Shamanic studies, Akashic record reading and mindfulness meditation training, Debora’s mission is to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the soul and attuning to its wisdom.

Connecting to the Magic Within

Sept. 18/19/20/ 21, 2022, 9 guests. All inclusive. Shared accommodations $980. Private King $1030.

    Our 4-day spiritual gathering will be a joyful and relaxing exploration of Animist and Metaphysical practices designed to foster a deeper understanding of who you are and who you can be. 

Together, we’ll delve into Stoic wisdom, Shamanic medicine and Akashic insight while honouring ancient rituals and practices.

 We’ll create ceremonies that safely and respectfully bridge us to the unseen worlds in an effort to heal ourselves and our ancestral lineage.

The beautiful and tranquil setting will be the perfect spot to commune with Nature while awakening to our divine nature.

All meals will be prepared by Zeina of Zeina’s Kitchen

Debora Must Private King Room Booking
Private King Room Booking


Debora Must Shared Room Booking
Shared Room Booking


Julie Gedeon

Julie Gedeon is passionate about the power of words to improve the world. She has written thousands of articles in publications ranging from Canadian Geographic to Montreal Home to The Gazette. One of her short stories made the Top 10 list in the Montreal Pop Literary Festival. She launched the Writers’ Kitchen courses in Hudson several years ago to help people to convey their stories and/or just learn how to better express themselves for personal and/or business reasons. Julie has a B.A. in Journalism, a B.A. Honours in English and Creative Writing, a Master’s in English and Creative Writing, as well as a certificate in Environmental Writing. She is currently interested in how people – whether or not they have any experience or interest in being writers – can use writing in various ways to enhance their creativity and everyday lives.

Sparking Creative Flow: Body, Breath and Backstory…

Oct. 30/ 31/Nov 1st. 2022, 8 guests. All inclusive 2 nights. Shared accommodations $740. Private Queen $820.

Join us at Wriga! Yes, you read that right. It’s the word that we’ve invented to indicate the kind of imaginative fun and relaxation we have planned for this Writing & Yoga Retreat at scenic Lac Superior this Oct. 30 to Nov. 1. 

We invite you and your inner writer (so that’s already two for the price of one) to this two-night getaway to enjoy movement mentor Celine Menassa’s Embodiment Exploration sessions to reconnect with your breath and body, and seasoned writer/editor Julie Gedeon’s playful writing activities to ignite your imagination, awaken your senses, enhance your storytelling skills, and use the power of words to improve your writing and possibly your life! 

 Some of the sessions will focus on writing as forms of meditation, as well as ways to raise your emotional and intuitive awareness. Other treats (no tricks, promise!) will be Zeina’s sumptuous meals, along with lakeside, fireside and hot tub lounging at a log cabin so large that it should be called a cabig! 

The retreat is open to eight guests of any writing level with or without a project in mind. We look forward to welcoming you to Wriga! 

Julie and Celine Private Queen Room Booking
Private Queen Room Booking


Julie and Celine Shared Room Booking
Shared Room Booking


Heather Pengelley 

Heather Pengelley of Sweet Sounds for the Soul is a qualified SHA sound practitioner. She has a diploma in Integrated Sound Healing for Groups, Practitioner’s diploma in 1-2-1 Integrated Sound Healing for Clients, and a certificate in Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls from the Sound Healing Academy (SHA), an accredited international institute.

Heather plays crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, Native American flutes, gongs, steel tongue drums, frame drums, ocean drum, shruti box, Koshi chimes, monolini, and other sound-healing instruments. She combines the power of sound with mindfulness meditation to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.

Sound vibrations ease stress and help to relieve anxiety, sadness, sleeplessness, grief, pain, and a host of mental, physical, and spiritual problems. Sound therapy works due to two laws of physics: entrainment and harmonic resonance.

Léa Jouffrieau

Musician, accredited music therapist, singer-songwriter and sound therapist, Léa guides those who want to reconnect with their Voice and unleash their Music in order to access a more authentic, rich and fulfilling life.

Born in France, she moved to Canada in 2010. She studied at the University of Montreal where she obtained a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in piano interpretation, and at Concordia University where she graduated in Music therapy. Léa also trained in sound therapy in Australia and Canada.

The main modalities she uses are those learned during her studies and training. But above all, she shares with passion those which come from her own life experience, and which have allowed her to transform and move forward with resilience and confidence on a daily basis: a sweet mix between the world of music, songs and sounds exploration, but also meditation, yoga therapy, movement and dance to connect with the body, and cultivate Presence, Ground and Self-love.

Joannie Marion

I’m Joannie Marion, a sacred sexuality coach. I awaken women to their joy, pleasure and sensations to reclaim their deep feminine wisdom and assist them in creating the life they desire by harmonizing both the feminine and masculine within.

Ten years ago, I kept experiencing painful sexual intercourse. I was completely disconnected from my body and its wisdom. I didn’t understand why this was happening however something within me knew it could be different. This is how my quest for truth began.

Over the next years, I explored my mind, body and spirituality to fully understand Sacred Sexuality. I connected with the beauty, the pleasure and the magic of my body. Along the way, I met many inspiring masters and received powerful teachings. Now my intention is to guide and support you to unfold into your divine feminine essence. I’m excited to share with you the wisdom that has been transmitted to me and allow you to bloom into the powerful Creatrix you are!

Retreat dates, venues and content will be revealed at the Launch Event, April 23rd, 3pm

All the information about the retreats of the season 2022 will be available to the general public on April 24. 

Join our 1st Annual


Retreat Season Launch!


April 23, 2022 | 3pm

This Event is Sold Out!

All information about this season’s retreats and the purchasing opportunity will be available here on April 24

Watch for your favourites closely before they sell out!

Hello & greetings from Zeina’s Kitchen!  Last fall, I launched a new line of women’s retreat adventures and they were phenomenal! 

When we completely sold out of 3 of our signature Rejuvenate, Replenish & Rise Retreats in only a few days, my eyes were opened to the kind of sisterhood activity that is needed in our world.  With the help of amazing women, I am proud to be able to deliver it to all of you. 

Our retreats:

Offering getaways to women to help them rejuvenate, replenish and rise in every aspect of their life is our goal; with mindful practices, healthy, colourful eating and quiet time is just what we all need.  Located in stunning & tranquil surroundings, you can rest and play in the beautiful bounty of mother nature, with lovely amenities such as hot tubs, walking trails, spectacular views, beaches and/or mountains, at select retreats.

Your weekend away retreat package will include your stay and all your meals, prepared by me, Zeina’s Kitchen style.

Our facilitators:

In a cozy and intimate environment, you will be gently guided to participate in playshops, meditation, yoga and more themed activities organized by my co-hosts, depending on the retreat you choose. Spending time with specialists in mindfulness, embodiment & movement, spirituality, well-being, motivation and becoming your best self is priceless! A lovely gift to gift yourself.

Come and meet us:

At this exclusive, by reservation only special event on April 23rd, $15 per person, you will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with all the co-hosts of the season, taste Zeina’s food and book your retreat before they are publicly released. You don’t want to miss this!
Your investment for this event will be deducted from your retreat purchase.

From my kitchen where the magic happens, it is my pleasure to invite you to partake in a sample of what you can expect in this season’s upcoming retreats. 

I look forward to introducing you to this season’s retreats team.



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