Spending a few days in paradise with Zeina as your host and chef promises to offer a unique and memorable experience.



An all inclusive & intimate retreat with 8 to 10 participants.

A couple of days of self care, connections and delicious food.

Wellness Workshops and activities offered during your stay.

New friendships, quiet time, yoga/meditation and so much more!

All your meals included and freshly prepared by Zeina.

Zeina, your host and Chef will prepare all of your meals, will make sure your experience exceeds your expectations and will share some of her fun cooking tips too.

Fun Times

Play, relax and connect! You decide what you need. We give you the space.

These few days are for you, they are designed to help you Replenish Rejuvenate and Rise!


Fresh healthy and all prepared by Zeina. Keeping your restrictions in mind, Zeina will create delicious dishes for every meal. You will be pampered and spoiled during your entire stay. 


A variety of playshops and mindful activities will be carefully crafted to nourish your mind, body and soul. 

Co-Hosts 2024

Zeina Abdul Karim

with special guest Celine Menassa

Zeina’s All Day Food Escapade

Sunday August 11th, 2024. 10am to 8pm. Bring your senses to life! $199.


What better way to take some fun time to reconnect with all your senses than an All-Day Food Escapade!! Join us for a relaxed day out of the city to replenish and rejuvenate our energy and spirits as we rediscover all our wonderful senses through food, laughter, music and play!


We have all kinds of games planned to use all of your senses in enjoying food and even to be a bit of a competitive cook. (No worries, though! All levels of culinary experience are welcomed.) I will show a variety of my favourite cooking and prepping techniques and demonstrate how and why simplicity goes hand in hand with creating some of the very best food.
Let’s take some time to slow down and just enjoy country life together!


My co-host, Celine Menassa, will also be leading you through various playful explorations that will help you to make yourself the priority as you breathe a little deeper, relax a little easier and just enjoy this entire day.


There will also be time to chill on the deck, take a dip in the pool, soak in the hot tub and, yes, dance to some wonderful music.


What about food? Together we’ll indulge in two delicious homemade meals that I will freshly prepare for you (and maybe with a tiny bit of fun help from you) as we sit down together to reconnect with existing friends and to make new ones.


All you need to bring from home for the day is a water bottle, notebook and pen, sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen, a bathing suit, towel and flip flops. We’ll take care of the rest.


I promise you Zeina’s Kitchen will make this a wonderfully memorable All-Day Food Escapade!


All meals prepared by Zeina of Zeina’s Kitchen


Zeina and Celine One day escapade Booking $199 +taxes.

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**Taxes not included

Jasmine Ellemo

with special guest Heather Pengelley

Ease Into Flow Retreat

Sunday September 8th to Tuesday September 10th, 2024. 8 guests. All inclusive. Shared accommodations $799 / Private room $899 for 2 nights.


As the end of summer’s warmth shines down on us, “Ease into Flow” invites you to embrace the gentle transition into early fall amidst the serene beauty of our retreat location in the Laurentians. Picture yourself surrounded by the beauty of nature, the air infused with a crispness that awakens the senses and invigorates the soul.


Immerse yourself in the radiant glow of the changing season as you embark on a journey of self discovery and renewal. Let the fading warmth of summer serve as a reminder to savour each moment, cherishing the beauty of nature’s transition as we delve into gentle Yoga and breath practices with Jasmine, Zeina’s culinary delights, Heather’s serene sound healing meditations, as well as moments of delightful fun and pure relaxation.


As the days gently shorten and the nights grow cooler, find solace in the rhythm of the changing seasons, allowing yourself to flow effortlessly with the natural cycles of life. Join us at “Ease into Flow” and embrace the magic of late summer/ early fall, where every breath is a celebration of renewal and every moment an invitation to discover what flow means to you!


All meals prepared by Zeina of Zeina’s Kitchen


Jasmine & Heather Ease into Flow Retreat Private Room Booking $899 +taxes

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Jasmine & Heather Ease into Flow Retreat Shared Room Booking $799 +taxes

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*Deposit is non-refundable

**Taxes not included

Deborah Must

with special guest Celine Menassa

DreamWeavers: Awakening Divine Consciousness Through Shamanic Dreaming Retreat

Sunday October 6th to Tuesday October 8th, 2024. 7 guests. All inclusive. Shared accommodations $799 / Private room $899 for 2 nights.


Step into the circle of DreamWeavers, a transformative gathering that calls upon the ancient shamanic principles of dreaming our realities into existence. This unique event is an invitation to transcend the linear constraints of time and the limits set by our past narratives.


Together, we’ll explore the sacred practice of stepping outside of time to summon and embody the future selves we desire to create.


In the lush embrace of nature, away from the hustle of modern life, DreamWeavers unfolds as a two-night retreat designed to reconnect you with the ancient art of dream cultivation and future tracking. This profound journey is about more than dreaming—it’s a deliberate creation of who you are becoming, using the shamanic practices that our ancestors have trusted for millennia.


DreamWeavers is not just an event; it’s a pivotal moment in your life’s journey. It’s for those who feel called to:
• Cast off the limitations set by their past experiences.
• Harness the potent energies of their envisioned futures.
• Awaken their innate divine intelligence and creativity.
• Live as architects of their destiny, not merely as bystanders.


This gathering is ideal for seekers, visionaries, spiritual adventurers, and anyone feeling the call to explore their untapped potential and activate their highest selves. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner of spiritual arts or new to the path of self-realization, DreamWeavers offers a rich soil for growth and transformation.


Embrace this invitation to craft your reality, awaken your deepest potential, and explore the wilderness of your infinite mind. At DreamWeavers, you are not just dreaming of a new life—you are stepping into it.


All meals prepared by Zeina of Zeina’s Kitchen


Debbie & Celine Retreat Private Room Booking $899 +taxes

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Debbie & Celine Retreat Shared Room Booking $799 +taxes

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*Deposit is non-refundable

**Taxes not included

Julie Gedeon

with special guest Celine Menassa

Write Up Your Alley! Retreat

Sunday October 27th to Tuesday October 29th, 2024. 8 guests. All inclusive. Shared accommodations $799 / Private room $899 for 2 nights.


What have you been longing to do in terms of your writing? Perhaps you have a memoir you have been wanting to write? Or you have an idea for a novel or have already started one and need to get back to it? Maybe it’s to script a play or pen some poetry? Or is it to engage people more effectively in understanding the passion you have for your work or business?


All of these significantly benefit from creative storytelling techniques that Julie Gedeon is aiming to share with you through various playful exercises during a two-day retreat that includes time to write on your own with Julie nearby to provide motivation and guidance.


All meals prepared by Zeina of Zeina’s Kitchen

Julie and Celine Retreat Private Room Booking $899 +taxes

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Julie and Celine Retreat Shared Room Booking $799 +taxes

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*Deposit is non-refundable

**Taxes not included

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