Zeina’s 5 tips to remember for Halloween night!

Zeina’s 5 tips to remember for Halloween night!


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This one is for the kids! It’s trick or treat night. There’s a lot of sugar intake on this day and for a few days after that.

Most kids are excited and let’s be real, they’ve probably been eating candy all day at school. As parents, we must slowdown our minds long enough to remember how it was when we were kids on that very special night.

1-The goal here is for everyone to have good time. If you are prepare,  you will be the cool parent that has it all put together. Don’t loose your mind getting the little ones (and not so little) out the door on time to collect their sugary treats. Between 5:15 pm and 6:00 pm

2-The last thing they wanted is a sit-down family dinner! Our job is to create fun, fast to eat, healthy and colorful food.

3-Keeping it homemade is the healthiest and the most important in my opinion. Less sugar and less preservative, because sugar slows down the immune system. We are the parents, it is our responsibility, this way, we can enjoy it without stressing out that they are eating too much candy! Do the best we can in creating a good healthy meal. We must make sure the pantry and fridge are ready…always!

 Here are my ideas of what to feed them that night so you can enjoy it together

without stressing out that they are eating too much candy! 


4-On a Stick:                                                                                                                                                                              Cheese & ham in cubes and baby tomatoes, cubed chicken and red peppers, meatballs, wraps sliced like sushi rolls…mixed veggies, mixed fruits…

5-In the Oven:                                                                                                                                                                          Macaroni meat sauce or cheese. Nachos chicken and black beans. Roast Beef and potatoes. Homemade pizza…



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